The Wishistry will be a a modern day registry uniquely designed for anyone, anytime, to take the guess work out of gifting! Buh Bye boring gift cards! Where sharing love & giving back will be made fun, easy & intuitive.

Currently under construction, around your likes and loves.

Don’t quit your day dreaming, come find your happy!

Because gifting should be as unique as your friendships, we are developing a modern day tool to be just as intuitive. It’s an any-day registry, designed for anyone, anytime, and it’s all about you! The Wishistry will be a social media tool for family and friends to visit your individual page to see exactly what’s on your wish list. It will allow the world to check in on your own distinct flavor and flare, complete with your likes, loves, sizes, colors, and tastes (think having a fluid reference to register your favored ice cream, wine, restaurant, flower, charity, ring or slipper size… essentially, anything you can dream up!) Peace out boring gift cards! The Wishistry will be coming to town and it will be bringing:

  • Intuitive gift giving for invited guests to shop for birthdays, holidays, hostess gifts, or for anytime gifting.
  • Spy on what’s hot or not, see what’s trending
  • Beg, borrow, and steal gift ideas
  • Daily deals and promotions (including selfie purchases)
  • Confidential addresses for one-click gifting, shopping made easy
  • Reminders, hints, and thank you notes to be posted privately or publicly

Life is too busy and short for endless searching for that perfect gift. You will also be able to create wish lists for more than just merchandise. Wish on ways to restore your body and soul, things to taste, charities in which to give and destinations and restaurants to explore. Oh the places you’ll go…let the world know what you’re wishing for, as it may just show up at your doorstep!

We will be traveling to the edges of the Earth, together, to capture the flavor and flare of what brings you joy. 

Every good wish!


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