Thanksgiving Day Duties (plus 5 Hostess Gift Ideas!)

You picked “Scraping the Plates” this year…

To get everyone involved at this year’s Thanksgiving celebration, consider dishing out some of the extraneous duties to guests of all ages. Not only does it take some of the stress of hosting a perfect meal but it gets everything bargaining for “Lighting the Candles on the Table” over “Scraping the Dishes.”

Start by writing a list all of the extra tasks that need to be completed to prepare for the feast. Cut (or tear) the tasks, add to a basket and have each guest draw. You decide the order – oldest to youngest, youngest to oldest, at random, whichever you prefer! Then let the fun begin. You’ll see Uncle Joe negotiating with little Timmy for one of the simpler tasks. A few dollar bills and daily household chores have been known to be exchanged for the light-weight tasks this day. It is such a fun way to get the whole group to participate and show thanks to the hostess for the day!

Give Thanks to the Host

Here are just a few host and hostess gift ideas, from those that bring the group together to one that helps keep us awake and continuing the conversation after the big feast to those that take off the pressure for the host’s next meal. At the very least, a hug and a handwritten note to give thanks to those loved ones is always the perfect end to the heartwarming holiday. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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